Instructor in Training

This is a special intensive workshop for the International Institute of Reflexology Certified Reflexologist who are interested in taking the next step towards teaching for the I.I.R.  

To qualify for this special training workshop you must be:
~ I.I.R. Certified with at least 2 years experience.
~ Must have been to a Phase 2 or 3 workshop within the last 2 years (2014-2016)
~ Please study both Video's before arriving at this workshop.

~ Day 1 - Retake both the written & practical exam.  You must pass both portions in order to continue with this program.  If you will be continuing on with the program you will be given a training contract that MUST be signed before you begin day 2.
Please note:  you will not lose your certification if you do not pass

~ Day 2 - The Trainer will be asked to present a portion of the hands-on teaching portion of a Phase 1 & 2  workshop. (Please study your Foot DVD before coming to this workshop).  We will go over HOW to teach the feet.  What to do and what not to do

~ Day 3 - Review each system of the power point in depth.  Each Trainer will be assigned a system to present on day 4

~ Day 4 - Presentation from each Trainer, with discussion following

~ Day 5 - How to teach a Phase 3 (Must study the Advanced Foot & Hand DVD ahead of time)

~ Day 6 - Review in the morning.  Afternoon will consist of what it takes to teach for the IIR (equipment, programs).  Explanation of the 1 yr internship program and contract before becoming a full IIR teacher

Deposit of $ 150.00 due at registration (credit cards/checks will not be charged/deposited until 30 days before this special workshop and the workshop is confirmed.  Balance due on Day 2.
Day 1 - $ 150.00
Day 2 - 6 $ 450.00

LIMITED ENROLLMENT, register early.  
Please Note: I.I.R. reserves the right to cancel any pre-registered workshop that does not meet the minimum pre-registrations 30 days prior to Workshop. Registration is still available after the 30 days if registration has been met.  Please do not make travel arrangements until workshop has been confirmed.

May 23 - 28, 2016  Monday - Saturday

International Institute of Reflexology Inc
5650 1st Avenue North
(727) 343 4811 phone
(727) 381 2807 fax

Please call the I.I.R to register (727) 343 4811 9 to 5 EST  Monday - Friday.  Registration form must be emailed, faxed or mailed in.
Registration Form