Please Note: I.I.R. reserves the right to cancel any pre-registered workshop that does not meet the minimum  pre-registrations 30 days prior to Workshop.  Registration is still available after the 30 days if registration has been met.
This workshop is presented by Bobbi Warren
To Pre-Register Contact:
Bobbi or Muff Warren
Bobbi Warren (619) 462 3073 or
Muff Warren (619) 469 1694

Early Bird Pre-Registration
Pre-Registration is Required for these Workshops.  To qualify for "Early Bird Tuition" you MUST register 6 weeks PRIOR to workshop with your non-refundable Administrative Fee
Early Bird Administrative Fee of $ 100.00 (6 weeks PRIOR) to workshop
Administrative Fee of $125.00 (less the 6 weeks prior) to workshop
Tuition Balance due at the workshop
PHASE l & ll Workshop:
February 24 & 25, 2017  Friday & Saturday
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PHASE lll Workshop
February 26 & 27, 2017  Sunday & Monday
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