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"If you're feeling out of kilter
Don't know why or what about
Let your feet reveal the answer
Find the sore spot work it out"
By Eunice D Ingham

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March 23, 2020

Dear Students and Prospective Students,

The International Institute of Reflexology is taking the world wide COVID-19 (also known as the Corona Virus) seriously. We are concerned for the health of our students and teachers during this pandemic. Things are changing by the hour with the Government.  The president has asked all Americans to limit contact with others for now.

Depending on the area where the workshops are being held we must follow the guidelines that are being set by each State. Most of our workshop will have to be postponed until later in the year.  Please contact the Instructor for your area for future workshops & updates.

Any students or prospective students who have already registered for any workshop that has been postponed will be given FIRST chance at registering once the workshop has been rescheduled. Please watch for updates on our website under the State that any workshop is being scheduled.

We will post updates on the website as we get them. Please check the website often. 
Our office is still open for our students & prospects (Monday - Thursday) !

Yours for better health,
Gail Byers - President
Celebrating 82 Years !
Stories the Feet Can Tell

© 1938 by Eunice Ingham

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